Mission + values

The mission of NoHoPoCo is to create a supportive environment for local poets to explore their craft and expand their skills - both written and performative - at our workshops and open mics. We seek to inspire new work and nurture new voices, to push and hold each other in poetic exploration, and to find new modes of expression. We welcome all lovers of poetry to join us for the ride.

We believe in brave spaces, as opposed to safe spaces.

We value growth - as writers, as people, and as a collective.

We believe sometimes community members cause harm, but every community member who does the necessary work of restorative justice has a place in our community.

We work towards financial sustainability, balancing the needs to keep our events low / no-cost and paying working poets and artists.

And we believe poetry should support life, not the other way around.

Most of all, we believe in giving thanks to all our mentors, and the folks who created and did work for this community before us. Thank you.