Come to read! Come to listen! Every Second Tuesday of the month we host an open mic with a local spotlight feature. Our open mic is free and open to all.

How to read on the open mic

  • Sign up! The list goes out at 7 PM.

  • Bring a poem! You can read it on paper, your phone, or have it memorized. It’s all ok!

  • Make sure your poem is the right poem. We ask you read one poem and that it is under 3 minutes long.

  • If you have never read at NoHoPoCo before, this poem is your introduction. Ask yourself if this poem puts your best foot forward—if your poem is a “it’s totally fine if we know you” poem (and we all have those poems) maybe don’t read it until we know you!

  • Be ready to have a productive dialogue. If someone takes the time to call you in, say thanks! Don’t be defensive! They are having a conversation with you because they want you to stick around.

  • We are so ready to cheer our butts off for you and your poem! Don’t ever ruin it by reading something with hate speech.

How to be a spotlight poet at the NoHoPoCo open mic:

  • We’ll ask you.

  • Read poems on the open mic. A lot.

  • Come to the workshops, particularly the editing workshop.

  • Be a part of the community! Come to the potlucks. Be known. Help out.

  • Have 15 minutes of polished poetry ready, including a poem or two we haven’t heard yet!

  • Be ready to debut new merch to sell, like a chapbook or a broadside.

  • If you feel ready, let us know!